The moment he was taken I became someone new, my heart stopped beating, my life broke in two.
A broken, lonely person is all that remains.
My life isn’t mine, it’s a life I didn’t choose.

It’s as if my existence has been turned into a test, how much can i lose without losing my mind? Will i ever be able to see or will I remain blind?

I feel like a muse in a sick little game, there is no way for me to feel sane.

Dear God, what lessons are you trying to teach? Have I learned enough or should I hide my living children out of your reach?

I live in fear, I know I barely made it through, losing my baby was too much for me to bear.

The others, feel I should be alright, it’s been over 3 years they whisper to each other. She’s gone on and given him a brother.
Isn’t that enough to help her through this pain? What more does she want? When will she let go?

My response will always be the same, I want my son back. No his siblings are not enough, I will never be okay not without my son.

Everything unraveled, the moment he was taken,
for the rest of my life I will be foresaken

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